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                          Dating back to about a century ago, in1906, the founder of Toyota, toyota yoshi, invented a circular loom called thedreamloom.

                          “Without wasting power loss, quietlyweaving super wide cloth” with this innovative ideas, Toyota automatic loomcompany has overcome all kinds of difficulties since established, and haveexpanded automobile, industrial vehicle, compressor, electronic instrument andso on.

                          “Studying innovation, and Being at theforefront of The Times” This is Mr yoshi's spirit, as a source of the Toyotagroup, deeply rooted in the fiber machinery department.

                          The products of Toyota machinery areactive in the textile factories of all countries in the world. To better servinghiscustomers, Toyota established the overseas service center. Overseas servicecenter provide after-sales service and distribution of consumable parts, has asystem that encourages fiber machinery to give full play to its performance andresponds to customers’ needs in a timely manner.